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The mission

Created in 2014 by Nathalie Guiot, author, publisher and collector, Fondation Thalie aims at supporting contemporary creation as a lever for action, exchange and transmission.
Nested in a neo-modernist house in Brussels, the Foundation welcomes artists and authors through research residencies, organizes exhibitions and works to defend the transversality of disciplines (visual arts, sciences, contemporary writings) and artistic practices involved in a consciousness of the ecological transition, the design of CARE and the attention to know-how.


The Foundation thinks of the typology of its actions in four entities






SUN The Brussels house and its innovative and transdisciplinary programming, residencies and exhibition space, the historical origin of the foundation’s commitments,

MOONS New exhibition and residency space in Arles, France. Other similar projects are under consideration, they will be MOONS

SATELLITES Projects outside the walls

PLANETS Club of personalities of the Foundation. You vibrate with the same questions about our future, you are our ambassadors!



The Foundation acts through the prism of artistic practice and creative writing, in favor of causes that disrupt our ecosystems and oblige us towards future generations: societal challenges, European policies, ecological transition,…

Initiated in 2020, the podcast series Creators facing climate emergency proposes meetings between artists and scientists to create new narratives, to raise awareness and to act in the face of climate change, using artists as mediators.

In response to these issues, the residency publishes an annual call for projects. With several hundred applications each year, the calls are a snapshot of emerging creation and the commitment of creators. A jury of professionals, renewed each time, forms a community of singular expertise.

The team

Julien Amicel


Jenna Barberot

Production | Communication

Stefano Vendramin

In charge of the program ‘Words of creators facing the ecological emergency’

Jean-Charles Michelet-Gambelli

Technical manager

Guest curators

Anissa Touati


Joël Riff

Curator, in charge of the residency program